Who We Are

Mckenzie Global is one of the world's leading alternative investment firms. We are multi-strategy investment firm with focussed, separate investment ideas. Our global team aligns our interests with our partners and investors for the best result. Each partnership operates independently with a dedicated investment team, investors, pool of funds, and portfolio companies. Our goal is to maximize the potential for success and profitaility.

What We Do

McKenzie Global partners with passionate entrepreneurs and mangement teams to build great business that seek to ultimatly transform their industries. We seek founders operators who create new technologies or build upon the expanding capabilities of technology to develop new markets. We look for new ideas and business models before they become established themes. We understand the risk in being too early to an original idea or next-generation concept ?it's what defines our vision and our culture: investing in the next order of consequential, far-reaching, and change-enabling companies. We connect you to the people you didn't know you needed to meet to facilitate introductions and relationships to help grow your business and network. We are backed by leading global institutional investors from all over the world and provide long-term, world-class returns by identifying and pursuing attractive and altanative investment opportunities.